From 1st July, 2020 we are implementing a new pricing structure to support both your business and ours into a sustainable future.

Here is an overview of our new pricing structure:

Volume Based Pricing

We understand the importance of offering flexibility, freedom and control to businesses who want to maintain or grow their margins, which is why we will now be offering volume based pricing. For some, this will mean there will be an opportunity to purchase at lower prices than set previously.

Buy 2+, Receive 5% Off

Buy 4+, Receive 10% Off

Buy 8+, Receive 15% Off

The volume based pricing applies when you order multiples of the same product, not a variety of different products.

For example, when you purchase 8 tins of loose leaf Tielka Breakfast and you will receive 15% off. You will not receive 15% off purchasing 8 tins of different varieties.

No Minimum Order

We are continuing to offer free delivery on all wholesale orders Australia-wide, regardless of size until further notice. This is particularly to support cafes through uncertain times.

We ask that our wholesale partners endeavour to please place larger orders where possible to support this offering for those rare occasions where there is a genuine need to place a small order.

We will continue to keep tabs on this offering to ensure this is a sustainable business offering. We plan to review this at the end of September, 2020.

Price Increase

In order to manage the continual increase in our raw material costs (around 30% increase over the last four years) and other recent increases in the cost of maintaining a sustainable business, we are implementing a price increase. Please note, we have not implemented a price increase since 2016. 

The good news is that this price increase can be offset by new volume based pricing and has been designed to strongly encourage our wholesale partners to order more product less often. Our no minimum order policy will support those rare occasions when a small top-up order needs to be placed.

Our unique packaging methods ensure our products will retain freshness for significantly longer than what our competitors can provide, ensuring there will be no wastage.


The new pricing structure is available on our website from 1st July, 2020.

We thank you for your support as we navigate through the next season and we are open to hearing your feedback on this new wholesale pricing structure.