Lavender Moon

Designed for sleep

Featuring freshly harvested Australian-grown lavender and valerian root.

For best results, enjoy in the evening for at least two weeks.


Lavender Moon wins bronze 2021: Bronze | Herbal Wellness (Loose Leaf)


Serving size 1 tspn | 2gm | 0.7oz
Teacup 200ml | 7oz water
Thermometer 100°C | 212°F
Timer 3 minutes
Not recommended
Milk Not recommended


Please note, we are currently unable to source certified organic jasmine flowers, so the current blend includes conventional jasmine flowers. All other ingredients are certified organic.

Australian Certified Organic

Australian Certified Organic. ACO Cert. No. 13123

USDA organic certified

USDA Certified Organic. Effective Date: 2021-12-16

EU organic certified

EU Certified Organic. AU-BIO-107

Healthy Living

Nature is gloriously and intentionally designed to support the healing and restoration of our bodies and minds. Each ingredient in this blend holds a rich array of characteristics in support of a healthy life.

Here are three attributes of this blend that we love:

♡ Anxiety Relief

♡ Relaxation

♡ Sleep Support


Lavender Moon is lovingly blended and packaged by hand in the Tielka warehouse in Agnes Water, Queensland, Australia.

Lemongrass is sourced from Fairtrade producers.



Jasmine Flowers
Licorice Root
Valerian Root

Notes from the Founder

"Stinky boots!", I exclaim, offering the open bag of valerian root to our newest, bright young team member. "It helps you sleep!"

"It doesn't smell so bad", he states after a brief whiff. I'm disappointed. I usually get a more satisfying reaction than that.

"Hold a tick, you didn't get a good smell. Try this", I hope the bag a little wider and offer again. Poor Jonah enthusiastically puts his whole face in the bag and before I can warn him otherwise, he reels backwards.

"Augggh!!!", he exclaims.

Oops. Too far.

"There we go!", I exclaim, nervously. "What is it?", he asks, horrified.

"Valerian root!" The best and worst thing that ever happened to lovers of sleep.

Natural sedative. Divine sleep. Yes, please!

And, well, it smells a little like... you guessed it...

Stinky boots.

And then God created lavender and lovers of sleep breathed a sigh of relief.

I know I certainly did.

At the beginning of 2020, I tasked myself with creating a sleep tea. With some extensive research, I realised pretty quickly that valerian root had to be a key ingredient.


Happy brewing!

Rebecca Domorev