It is an incredibly uncertain time for business worldwide. At Tielka, we are particularly aware of the vulnerability faced by the hospitality industry.

Free Delivery for All Our Wholesale Customers

As a result, effective immediately and until further notice, we are removing all regular delivery charges on wholesale orders sent Australia-wide.

We decided to temporarily suspend regular delivery charges at our own expense, so our customers, particularly cafe owners, can have the flexibility to place smaller orders and not put themselves at risk by holding too much stock at the time of uncertainty.

Wholesale Prices Freeze

Pricing is another vulnerability for all industries, with the supply chain being impacted at numerous levels. Our own costs of raw materials have increased by around 20% (mainly due to the exchange rate). We are yet to fully assess the impact on our business. However, we decided to extend our commitment to our wholesale customers and freeze any pricing increases, at least until the EOFY.


The impact on the hospitality industry has a flow in effect to businesses, such as ours, and we will be grateful for your long term support as we support you.

 In return to our commitment to you, we would like to ask you:

 1. Continue ordering Tielka tea for your business!

Now it is more important than ever to give your customers a reason to go out and visit your business (keeping in mind government health requirements). We believe that continuing to offer the best teas by Tielka will ensure your customers will have a reason to come back to you again and again.

 2. Please respect our free delivery policy.

If you have a genuine need, and this will support your business through this tough season, please don't hesitate to make a small orders as you need. However, if you are able to continue placing larger orders less often, this will greatly assist us in managing our resources.

 3. Let us know how else we can help you.

Things are changing quickly and the easiest way for us to adapt is to know what you need. Let's work together on this! Send us an email at info@tielka.com so we can discuss this further.